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Affordable health coverage options

While many Rhode Islanders have health coverage through their employer, the Affordable Care Act has helped many Rhode Islanders get coverage by expanding Medicaid and establishing subsidized commercial coverage through HealthSource Rhode Island (HSRI). Medicare covers seniors and people with disabilities, and the Medicare Savings Program provides help with Medicare costs for lower-income elders and people with disabilities. Explore the links and materials below for information on accessing more affordable coverage.

VISIT the HealthyRhode Portal to learn about affordable coverage options

The HealthyRhode Portal is a tool you can use to learn about affordable healthcare coverage options you may qualify for.

Click to visit the HealthyRhode Portal

NEED HELP applying for healthcare coverage?

Navigators and Certified Application Counselors are trained and certified through HealthSource RI in partnership with the Rhode Island Health Center Association. They are located across the state to help you review your health insurance options, complete an application, and enroll in a plan that best fits your needs. They provide in-person assistance for individuals aged 19-64 and families.

Click to visit HealthSource RI to book an appointment with a navigator or call HealthSource RI at 1-855-840-4774.

NEW for Medicaid Members! Look up your Medicaid renewal date

Every year, the State reviews Medicaid members’ information to make sure they are still eligible. As a Medicaid member, you can use the state's 'Renewal Lookup Portal' to know when your next Medicaid renewal date is scheduled.  You can learn more about Medicaid Renewals at

Launch the Medicaid Renewal Lookup Portal


Some elderly and disabled Rhode Islanders covered by Medicare may be eligible for assistance through Medicaid or the state's Medicare Savings Program (MSP), also known as the Medicare Premium Payment Program (MPP), which helps cover Medicare Part D premiums and may also pay for co-pays depending on your income.  People enrolled are also eligible for Extra Help with prescription drug costs. 

If your monthly income is between $1,275 and $1,714, the Medicare Savings Program may save you money. 

Participating in the Medicare Savings Program will not affect any programs or benefits you receive that are income-based, like SNAP or subsidized housing. 

Click to learn about the Medicare Premium Payment Program

For more information about how to enroll, call:
The Point: 401-462-4444 or RIOP: 401-351-5577 or click here to visit 'The Point' online. Some Senior Centers also help you enroll.


The RI Health Center Association has partnered with EOHHS to fund this program, which will send a mobile navigator team to work with community-based organizations to assist with Medicaid renewals. You can read more about this program and schedule a mobile team visit at the following link:

TRAINING and HELPER'S HANDBOOK: Medicaid Renewal Basics, Helping Families Stay Covered

Protect Our Healthcare has presented several webinars for community-based organizations serving families. The training presentation includes information and pictures about the renewal-related documents that families will receive, tips for helping families complete renewal, and 'where to go for help.' 

View and download the slides.

View and download our 'Helper's Handbook to Medicaid Renewals'

NEW DHS Office

A new DHS Office has opened at 1 Holden Street in Providence. It houses a scanning center where people can have their Medicaid application, renewal forms, and related documents scanned into the system. This is a very safe and effective way to ensure that DHS receives materials in a timely way. For a full list of DHS offices and scan centers, click here

We have updated the Protect Our Healthcare Coalition's Helper's Handbook to Medicaid Renewals and the Appeals Fact Sheet to include the information about this new site. 

Visit for ongoing updates from EOHHS.